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Are you suffering from a bad credit history? Here at Finsley Gate Car Sales we are experts in providing bad credit car finance to customers who have a bad credit history or perhaps no credit history at all, we specialise in finding the right car finance to suit your individual circumstances.

We know that customers applying for bad credit car finance may have a low credit rating for various reasons, and often it's through no fault of their own. We also understand that regardless of your credit history you may still be able to afford the monthly repayments on a bad credit car loan, that's why we look at your current circumstances and your ability to make repayments on a bad credit car loan.

Our tailored finance packages enable us to offer affordable bad credit car finance to more customers than ever before. We can help you whether you have CCJ's, have other finance arrears or previous bad credit, low credit rating or no credit rating. We are happy to hear from customers who are homeowners, tenants, motability customers or self employed or employed and will accept applications from all areas of the UK.

Contact us at Finsley Gate Car Sales by filling in our finance form below for Guaranteed Car Finance if any of the following apply to you:

Many customers are put off applying for car finance because of their credit rating, our friendly and helpful staff specialise in providing vehicle finance for people with bad credit histories. We are confident we can secure you the best car finance rate available based on your individual circumstances. Simply fill in the form below for more information.

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